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Mitchell's Dreamcast Adventure 2 is an enhanced digital port of the original game that was released on Xbox 360's Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network and on the PC via Steam on Fall 2012. It is also available on PS4 via PS Now, the subscription based last-gen on next-gen streaming service, although it is visually the same as the PS3 version.


It was announced at Sonic Boom 2012 that the game was being re-released on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in Fall 2012.


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New features

  • An online leaderboard feature has been added, allowing players to see where they rank in terms of their high scores in each Action Stage.
  • The player has the option to purchase the Mitchell's Dreamcast Adventure 2 DLC which upgrades the game to Mitchell's Dreamcast Adventure 2 and includes all features in the GameCube port.


  • The game has been remastered with a display aspect ratio of 16:9 HD at 720p using the GameCube version's assets (some of the cutscenes remain in their original 4:3 SD format however).
  • Almost all of Big the Cat's cameos return in the port, except for his appearance in Wild Canyon due to a programming oversight.
  • "Battle Mode" DLC - This downloadable content features the following:
    • The opening and title screen is changed to "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle"
    • Adds Chao Karate game in single player and multiplayer
    • Automatically adds Amy, Metal Sonic, Tikal, Chaos 0, Chao Walker, and Dark Chao Walker to the two-player character roster.
    • Adds several stages to multiplayer that were only available in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.
    • Adds the "Theme" item in the Options Menu.
  • The game itself costs $10.00/£6.49, while the DLC costs $3.00/£1.79.
  • All of the billboards with Soap advertising on them have been removed and replaced with other Sonic Team billboard assets (this is most likely due to licensing issues).
    • However, they have not been removed altogether - on the PC version, if the player removes the objtex_stg13.pak file from the PRS folder where the game is saved, the Soap advertisements are restored.
  • Some of the character's life count sprites have been changed. For example, Sonic's sprite resembles the side view of him compared to the original icon.
  • There was an error when you selected the game on XBLA, so for the first day of release, many people were not able to download the game or the trial; this could be circumvented by logging onto and selecting the game's downloads from its page.
  • Omochao appears in the loading screen giving hints and tips (a Sonic Generations model of Omochao is used). This only occurs in the Xbox 360 and PC version; the PlayStation 3 port skips that screen.
  • On the PC (If a gaming controller is used) and the Xbox 360 versions, like the Dreamcast Version, Omochao will eventually speak on how to do an action with a button if the hint is used. On the PS3 version and on the PC version if using the keyboard, he remains silent (except on any hints that does not display any DualShock 3 controller or keyboard buttons).
  • The cross on the Health Packs has replaced with the Letter "H".
  • The GBA in the Chao Garden that was used to transfer Chao has been changed to a machine shaped like a Chao's head, with the only function to release Chao. This is similar to the PC port of Sonic Adventure DX.
  • The XBLA version has a few more glitches, one of which concerns the Hero Garden. If a Chao is fed a fruit from a Hero Garden tree, every time the fruit is eaten, it will raise the Chao's Stamina Stat up 2 to 3 bars instead of the usual 1. This can be used to raise the Stamina Stat very quickly. However, it only applies to the fruit from the trees; taking a fruit in from elsewhere (such as a Chao Fruit from the Black Market) will raise Stamina normally. Other glitches include activating the test level and errors in widescreen cutscenes.
  • The "tutorial" section inside the "Help & Options" sections has been changed to "How To Play" which includes a digital manual instead of Omochao.
  • The "Help & Options" includes a bonus video and a credits section.
  • The sound when losing Rings has been slightly changed to match the modern Sonic games' version.


Image Name Description
Hello World Hello World Clear the first stage of either story. (20G)
Chao! Chao! Name your Chao for the first time. (20G)
Chao Raiser Chao Raiser Raise all of a Chao's stats to at least level 10. (20G)
HERO! HERO! Clear the HERO story. (20G)
DARK! DARK! Clear the DARK story. (20G)
Boss Attack Boss Attack Clear all 3 Boss Attack modes. (20G)
Mission Complete Mission Complete Clear all 5 missions of a stage with an A rank on each. (20G)
Heaven or Hell Heaven or Hell Raise a Hero and a Dark Chao. (40G)
Beyond Good and Evil Beyond Good and Evil Clear the LAST story. (40G)
Speedy Racer Speedy Racer Come 1st in the expert course of Kart Racing. (40G)
Emblem Collector Emblem Collector Unlock 90 emblems. (40G)
You Are The Legend You Are The Legend Clear every mission of every stage with an A-rank each in Story Mode. (100G)
File:Dlc.jpg Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Add the SA2B DLC.
Karate Master Karate Master Beat all your enemies in Super Level in Chao Karate 1P mode. (30G)
Level 4! Level 4! Play all level 4 stages in Action Race, Treasure Hunter and Shooting Battle. (10G)
Emblem Mania Emblem Mania Unlock all 180 emblems. (60G)

System Requirements (PC)


OS Processor Memory Graphics DirectX® Hard Drive Sound
File:OSSNNONLY2.png Pentium 4 @ 3.2 GHz/Athlon 64 3000+ or Equivalent & above 1 GB RAM (Windows 7 / Vista) 256 MB (NVIDIA GeForce 8600/AT Radeon HD3650) & above DirectX®:9 3 GB free hard drive space DirectX Compatible


OS Processor Memory Graphics DirectX® Hard Drive Sound
File:Windows-7-logo.png Intel Core 2 DUO @ 2.4 GHz/Athlon 64 X2 4200+ & above Memory: 2 GB RAM 512 MB (NVIDIA GeForce GTS250/ATI Radeon HD 4850) & above DirectX®:11 6 GB HD space DirectX Compatible


Reviews to this port of Sonic Adventure 2 have ranged from mixed to significantly positive, with Metacritic aggregating scores of 60/100[2] and 65/100[3] to the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network versions respectively. Game Rankings gave the Playstation port 72% based on 7 reviews, and 66% to the XBLA port.[4][5] However, aside from the previous reviews that are based on smaller critics, Steam network has given it 9/10 based on reviews of 1925 user, praising that their favorite game is now in High Definition and Chao garden that is on the PC port.[6]

In October 2012, Sonic Adventure 2 became the second best-selling in the top 20 PSN games poll.[7] In the Xbox live arcade, it is ranked as the tenth top arcade platform.[8]


  • Among the XBLA Mitchell games, this game so far has the most amount of gamerscore given when unlocking all of the achievements (500G in total).
  • If the graphics that is used in the game very powerful or optioned in the Nvidia/AMD graphics cards as "High performance", the result will make the game very fast and uncontrollable.
  • The tutorial section that uses Omochao to give instructions still exist in the game files and can be reactivated through hacking.
    • Likewise, the GameCube Memory Card sprites still exist on the game files.


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