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Mitchell Van Morgan 5 is a platforming video game developed by Tose, published by THQ and distributed by Nickelodeon Interactive for the Game Boy Color. It debuted in Japan on October 21, 2000, in the USA on October 31, 2000 and in Europe on October 26, 2000. The sequel of Mitchell Van Morgan 4 and the final game for the Game Boy Color before it moved to the Game Boy Advance era. In the game's backstory, Mitchell and his friends return home to Raleighopolis only to find out that

his arch-nemesis Marquessa, the evil genius had his fake Orange County Castlegrounds downed from orbit by the heroes, Mitchell and his companions Gavin, Carolyn, Martin, David, Nicholas, Ebony. Only When Marquessa detects the presence of a University within the college's buildings.

The continuation of the series, was released later in the every year, which picks up the story directly after the end of Mitchell Van Morgan 4.


The game takes place after Mitchell and his friends saved the Orange County Castlegrounds with benevolence from Marquessa's diabolical Death Zig scheme in Mitchell Van Morgan 4, It took a different turn in the Super Mitchell Land. The main antagonist Marquessa, The maniacal scientist beaten four times by his arch-nemesis Mitchell, coming up with an another malevolent scheme which is very familiar to the previous videogames. The floating castle is mainly inhabited by the races of the North Carolinians, castleguards and a giant android who guards the place. the Orange County Castlegrounds is the only floating city in the Mitchell Land and the game's main hub.


The gameplay of Mitchell Van Morgan 5 is mostly based on it's pregame series including Mitchell Van Morgan 4. It respects to the other titles released at the time for the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color. The player takes control of Mitchell, Gavin, Martin, David, Nicholas, Carolyn, Jennifer or Ebony and heads off to defeat Marquessa, the "Mad Scientist," and save the world, However this time the malevolent Dr. Marquessa learns about the demonic entrances while Mitchell and the gang investigate the castle grounds for the seven power stones before Marquessa does. Template:MVMNav

Main Hub

Orange County University flag

The game mostly takes place in the Orange County University, a North Carolinian university which is mainly based on NC State Wolfpack university.


Worlds Levels Description
Forest Castlegrounds 1, 2, 3 The castlegrounds based on the deep forest ruins, it has a grassy genre in it. it has grassy plains in green ruins, green hills, green trees, waterfalls in castle walls, pollen in corridors, it was the first level of the game, it has a robotic bug killer as the first mini-boss and it has Marquessa on his flying ambulance using a weed killer as the first boss.
Beach Castlegrounds 1, 2, 3 The castlegrounds based on the sand castles of the North Carolinian beaches. It has loose sand in sand castle corridors, palm trees, beach balls, sand grass, loose sand, treasure chests, shores, sand castles, hawaiian-americans, it uses ukulele soundings(because it's a water genre), it has a robotic pirate captain as the second mini-boss and has Marquessa on his flying ambulance using a buccanneer contraption as the second boss.
Winter Castlegrounds 1, 2, 3 The castleground based on the winter wonderlan and The Appalachian Mountains. It has the steep hills that are too hard to climb on, pine trees, totem poles, boulders, mountaintops, ice-cold winter, it has an ice genre with mountain-styled drums, it has a robotic lumberjack as a third mini-boss and has Marquessa in his flying ambulance using an earth-trembling device as the third boss.
Tropical Castlegrounds 1, 2, 3 The castlegrounds based on the tropical jungle environments, ancient Egypt, and the volcano but with poisonous substances in it. It has a jungle with lots of tall trees, mushrooms, log bridges, bushes, tall vines, rivers, including waterfalls, it has a robotic blundergunman as the fourth mini-boss and has a Dragon as the third boss.
The Karate Land Feeding Frenzy Congo Chaos Jungle Gym Based on Feudal Japan, and old china, this is the Foreign Genre, with a spoof on Martial Artists located in North Carolina(USA). It has japanese pagodas, sumo wrestlers, ninjas, the great waIl of china, dojos, electric eels, chinatown cities and even piranha fishes. It has a robotic samurai as a fourth mini-boss and it has Marquessa in his flying ambulance using big robotic arms with katana swords or jijitsu sticks as a fourth boss.
The Cloudlands Feeding Frenzy Congo Chaos Jungle Gym Based on the Junge environment of Africa, and has a Dragon as the third boss.
Horror Castlegrounds 1, 2, 3 The castlegrounds based on the North Carolinian Cemetery, it has a Horror genre. The scary level filled with skeleton bones, ghosts, leaveless trees that terrifies other players, and in -n-Puke, is a witch that is the seventh mini-boss and it has Marquessa in his flying ambulance using the big mechanical arms to do sorcery(or haunt other players) is the seventh boss.
Marquessa Skychase 1, 2, 3 losts of Marquessa's airships, where Marquessa's hideout is a lot closer than you think.
Marquessa's Orange County Castlegrounds Rez Knight Fever On the Move Rez' Lair Marquessa's utopian counterpart of the Orange County Castlegrounds and final world, where you need to exceed with caution against Marquessa.