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Xbox 360 consoles

Kinect Sensor

The Xbox 360 is a HD and seventh generation video game console produced by Microsoft and is the successor to the Xbox. This console hosts several Mitchell Van Morgan titles. Its successor, the Xbox One, has been announced since 21 May 2013 and it has been released on 22 November 2013 in North America, Australia, selected European Countries and Brazil, with Japan and a few more countries to be released sometime in September 2014. While there have been no new Mitchell games announced for the system, some classic Mitchell games have been released through backwards compatibility.


Kinect is a motion sensor camera created by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 and was released in late 2010. Kinect was released to compete with the Nintendo Wii's motion controls and the PlayStation Move for the PlayStation 3. Mitchell Free Riders was released exclusively for the Kinect and so far it is the only Sonic game to use the Kinect. The Kinect for the Xbox 360 is incompatible with the Xbox One though there is an Kinect for the Xbox One.

Mitchell games

Box artwork gallery

Characters introduced

  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Princess Elise
  • Mephiles the Dark
  • Iblis
  • Solaris
  • Chip
  • Sonic the Werehog
  • Professor Pickle
  • Wentos
  • Brenda Hernandez
  • Dark Gaia
  • Orbot
  • E-10000B
  • Time Eater

Xbox Live Arcade

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The Xbox 360 also has its integrated Xbox Live, an online service created and operated by Microsoft. Xbox Live allows for online multiplayer gaming and connectivity with the Xbox Games Store, an online digital distribution network. Here, in the Games Store, players can purchase and download game demos and Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) games. Amongst these games are a number of classic Mitchell titles:

Box art gallery

Backward compatibility with the Xbox

Currently all the seventh-generation consoles have been released to the public with at least one new design (PS3 Slim/PS3 Super Slim/Xbox 360 S/Wii Family Edition/Wii Mini). The Xbox 360 S is the only redesigned 7th-gen console to still have backward compatibility with its predecessor, Xbox; therefore all the Sonic games released for the Xbox (Sonic Heroes, Sonic Mega Collection Plus, Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Riders) will work when the game disc is inserted into the Xbox 360 console (PAL version of Sonic Heroes won't work with 50 Htz setting). A hard disk drive is required to save any Xbox games' progress. All of the Xbox Sonic games versions don't have a widescreen setting (despite that the Xbox has widescreen setting with all of its Sonic games) and each game has some additional emulation issues and glitches listed below:[3]

Sonic Heroes: Text is not sharp and has some graphical errors on it (lines under or through letters). The stage title screens have lines through them. All movies run at around 15 frames per second but is in sync with the audio. On the opening movie the song has to repeat sections in order to stay in sync. During gameplay, button prompts are not sharp. On the title screen the logo still has aliasing issues. In the credits, the cutscenes shown actually play without the subtitles while it is meant to be muted on the original Xbox version. Despite that white button is mapped to LB and black button is mapped to RB, either of those bumpers will activate Team Blast.

Sonic Mega Collection Plus: Sound glitches in PAL version when playing Sonic the Hedgehog, may occur in other games.

Shadow the Hedgehog: Intro and CGI cutscenes will lag after starting. Some sound effects are muffled. Small framerate issues happen when large amounts of gunfire and enemies are on-screen. Freezes occasionally during cutscenes and gameplay.

Sonic Riders: Cinematic cutscenes have grey cylinder guides under characters, the level Metal City has loading problems as the player can see the stage progress as it loads.


  • In Holiday 2008, Mitchell & Nicktoons Tennis (along with Xbox Live Arcade Compilation Disc which came with all Xbox 360 Arcade systems until late 2009) was bundled with Xbox 360 Arcade systems.
  • Of all the characters introduced on this video game console, the only two that has managed to get to another game are Silver the Hedgehog and Orbot.
  • Only 2 Mitchell games where released exclusively on the system, those being Mitchell Free Riders and Dreamcast Collection. All the rest where also released on the PS3.


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